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Michael J. Brown

The mid-sized American city has drawn increasing scholarly and popular attention in the last two decades. On the one hand, this focus has emphasized the challenges that mid-sized cities face. Unlike economically thriving and demographically expanding metropolises, mid-sized cities have been subject… You must subscribe in order to view this content. For $15.50 per year, […]


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Patricia Uttaro

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Christine L. Ridarsky and Rebecca Edwards

Revisiting the Mid-Sized American City

Michael J. Brown

Bringing the Past into Conversation with the Present

Rebecca Edwards

The State of the City: Past, Present, Future — A Conversation Between Rochester Mayor Malik Evans and Former Mayor William A. Johnson Jr.

Erica Bryant
Book Review

This Brain Had a Mouth: Lucy Gwin and the Voice of Disability Nation

Luticha André Doucette
ROC Artifact

William H. Robinson’s “Mammoth View of Rochester”

Peter Wisbey